About Us
The shop formerly known as Bethany Bike Repair
We are two local cyclists who are passionate about growing the local cycling community. Martin is a racer with over 12 years of bicycle industry/mechanic experience. Dorothy is a casual rider with over 5 years of business management experience. Sadie and Tanner are our lovable shop dogs. We started and grew Bethany Bike Repair in Bethany Village, Oregon. We have loved serving the local community with their cycling needs, and we are very excited to expand our services in our new larger space in Rock Creek! We promise quick turnaround and friendly service!

Why we moved
We began with a short-term lease in our micro space (less than 300 ft2) in Bethany Village and then signed on for two years as Portland's smallest bike shop. We opened with barely any tools or merchandise. After growing steadily for 2.5 years, we were ready to expand. Since we opened, bike shops have closed across the country. Even Portland, considered a bike mecca, has suffered from rising costs of retail rent in addition to the rise of customers shopping online. We realized that retail spaces are no longer viable for a local bike shop like ours. Our new space - a warehouse with over 1,400 ft2​ - will allow us to offer more to our customers. Since we will be saving on rent, we will be able to invest in more services like ski & snowboard tuning, bike maintenance classes, indoor bike training classes, bicycle rentals, and much more!

Who our customers are
​We aim to serve all kinds of cyclists.
The local racer - our mechanic has the tools and knowledge to help you go fast. And then he'll smoke you at the Sauvie Shootout! Ask about our community-based cycling team.
The commuter - we love our customers that strive to commute by bike! We'll get you set for riding in the rain, go over storage options for your bike, and fit your bike with the accessories to make your commute more enjoyable.
The new/renewed rider - we will love to outfit your bike to make it more fun to ride! Check out our beginner group ride to learn tips and tricks for riding on the road.